We welcome you to be a part of our journey

As the fastest growing organization of today, Adan Technology gives you great growth prospects, the opportunity to work along with brilliant minds and a diverse range of high-profile clients, as well as an ideal work-life balance.

Become part of a rewarding journey of human-machine collaboration, using a combination of human creativity & intellect, data, and powerful algorithms. Work on transformation projects at some of the biggest and most respected global companies while being part of a positive, passionate, and fun filled work culture.

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What it means to be a Adan Technologian


Worry-free software development

We have a standardized development process derived from industry best practices and our learnings across projects. Helps you save time, money and energy.


Complete transparency

Agile based project management, with 100% online cloud-based tools to ensure round the clock visibility & delivery.


Fair agreements & Strong IP Protection

Standard ‘work for hire contracts but flexible enough to allow for quick team size adjustments, scope changes in fixed-price projects, and pay only for work delivered.


Strong commitment to delivery

Every project comes with a delivery commitment. We make sure that we deliver the project as promised, no matter what happens.



We use the transformative power of Crowdsourcing for Co-Creation. Our “Brainbox” initiative harnesses the creativity and expertise of our employees, builds individual credibility, and showcases employee skills.


Adan Academy - Learning & Development

Our corporate university nurtures our skilled and “always learning” workforce enabling them to grow and succeed. The transformative learning culture helps employees specialize, drive innovation and enhance their leadership skills.


High Performers Club (HPC) program

Our high-energy teams constantly re-invent themselves, taking ownership of their roles and responsibilities. The HPC program rewards high performers for sterling effort and for setting new benchmarks in their competencies.



Our account teams have the freedom to make prompt, on-the-ground decisions. This empowerment of being in charge and the confidence reposed allows them to expand their horizons and make an impact.


Opportunities for Growth

We help employees realize their professional aspirations through global opportunities, multi-faceted roles, and a well-defined career roadmap.

Rewards & Recognition

Outstanding performances and achievements are always rewarded and great effort and hard work are always appreciated. On-the-Spot awards and felicitation by the CEO / CPO for stellar contributions ensure that our team is always eager and ambitious.

Rewards & Recognition

Every step we have taken is a step closer to achieving our goals!